Bali Paradise on Hold Documentary

Bali Paradise on Hold Documentary

Bali is also called the Island of Paradise. An island where everyone can get almost everything they want on this island. But there is a very astonishing fact about this island hidden behind the noise of those night clubs and the walls of every resort. On a mountain in the Karangasem area, many people still live in half finished bamboo houses. Even as simple as getting water, they would need to walk for hours just to get it.

Paradise on Hold Documentary gives a voice to extreme poverty & inequality in Bali that have been muffled by the thick bamboo forests for too long. These are heartfelt stories from people lost in time that shatter our very definition of an island of paradise. In the second Documentary Series, East Bali Poverty Project has been the priority of Our Bali Your Bali & fund raising through the cookbook sales - written by Dean Keddell as the situation in Desa Ban is dire. All proceeds go to charities!

Through the second episode of Buro Creative Studio's documentary video, Our Bali Your Bali went to the other side of Bali and tried to make the voices of those living in poor areas heard. Voices about poverty and injustice that have been muffled by bamboo trees which grow in the east of Bali. Complete with various stories from many mouths that do not have a chance to speak from an area that breaks all recent definitions about Bali, an island of paradise.

Our Bali Your Bali's second episode will introduce the East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP), Terra Water, and East Bali Bamboo Bikes. In 2016, EBPP launched East Bali Bamboo Bikes as a social enterprise to create a sustainable bamboo business by leveraging local natural and human resources to provide support to isolated and underprivileged communities in Desa Ban in East Bali.

The video will be released through a screening event "Paradise on Hold" at Jackson Lily's and to the public on the Our Bali Your Bali Youtube channel on July 23, 2022. This event will bring together five foundations supported by Our Bali Your Bali and hold a talk show seminar, on sustainability, the process of making the second episode of the documentary, and how people can help support Bali in the long term.

"Over the years, Bali has made its current economy so dependent on the tourism industry, that it has failed to share its benefits with all villages and communities. Instead of sharing this wealth, it has been hidden from the rest and neglected the poor," said Diego Coppen, Executive Producer of Our Bali Your Bali. There is still so much to change, to restructure, to re-define in order to make the incomes of tourism more sustainable, but better yet that Bali becomes a sustainable island on its own for all communities.

The mission of building a youtube channel for the documentary series Our Bali Your Bali is to raise awareness and tell the story of Bali affected by poverty and the situation behind the beautiful tourism, a place known to people around the world only for its beauty. Many people living on this heavenly island are still fighting for equality and trying to feed their families.

The vision in the results of this documentary is that people from within and outside the country can provide support to the right environment and society in Bali. Building a community that cares about the level of the situation that is still trying to find a better way for their lives and the lives of their families.

This documentary is expected to be able to build a global community that cares about the equality of resources and basic human needs for the interests and future of the lives of marginalized Balinese people.

Buro Creative Giving is a voluntary project from Buro Creative Studio purely to help local businesses in Indonesia, hoping to help them achieve their goals, build stability and systems by donating creative support and solutions. This creative initiative is all about the long-term success of the businesses that it reaches out to - so it can operate in a sustainable manner without the daily support from an outside management.

Aside from creating awareness, the objective of the documentary is to ensure Our Bali Your Bali continues to raise funds for those depending on support. The $520,000 raised to date is simply not enough. 100% of proceeds from the cook book and documentary of Our Bali Your Bali go to those in greatest need.